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Maximilian Sunflower


Common Name: Maximilian Sunflower

Latin Name: Helianthus maximilianii

French Name: Tournesol de Maximilien

Synonyms: Prairie sunflower

This is a garden-escape, hardy, drought resistant sunflower that is native to the prairies but does well in our region. These perennials are especially suitable along fences or edge gardens where they can be staked if required; some of them will reach heights of 6 feet or more. They will spread by root tubers and even though some leaves will wilt in sever droughts, they still provide a sea of bright yellow blooms from August to early October with the coming of fall rains

Named for Prince Maximilian of Wied Neuweid, the naturalist who made scientific explorations in North America from 1832-1834, the Maximillian Sunflower is an excellent provider of habitat for pollinators and grazing wildlife, and thus contributes to the diversity of herbaceous vegetation on the land. It is deer resistant,

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