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Grape, Wild


Latin name: Vitis spp., Vitis riparia
French name:
Synonym(s): Grape Vine, Riverbank Grape, Frost Grape
Common name: Wild Grape

Grows well along riverbanks and seasonal watercourses, but will also thrive under managed conditions (sufficient watering). It is a true vine and requires a supporting frame, tree, or fence row. Vine will develop roots when exposed to soil, or can be propagated from seed. Growth is voracious and can outcompete tree foliage.

Soil Types: Grows in a variety of soil types. Sunlight: Full or partial.

Height (when supported): 6 to 80 ft. Spread: 6 to 30  ft.

Notes: Wild grape is often considered a weed, but is native to North America.

Uses: Wild Grape is cold-hardy and has been used as root-graft stock in the wine industry. Fruit can be used to make juice, syrup, or wine. Ripens fully after the first frost. The leaves are edible and can be eaten in a salad or stuffed with rice, meat and spices. The leaves can be blanched and frozen for use in the winter. Provides habitat and food for birds and other small fauna.

Caution : Can be easily confused with Moon berry (toxic) and Porcelain berry (inedible, non-native).

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