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Cranberry, Highbush


Latin name: Viburnum trilobum, Viburnum opulus
French name: Viorne trilobée
Common name: Highbush Cranberry

Height: 10 feet, Spread: 8 feet

Sunlight: Full, but tolerates partial shade

Lifespan: up to 40 years. Hardiness Zone: 2a

In row spacing: 0.6 m (2.0 ft), Between row spacing: 5 m (16 ft)

Other Names: American Cranberry bush

Soil Types: Grows in a variety of soil types, but well-drained is best. Thrives in wet areas along edges of streams and swamps.

Description: All-season native shrub found in all provinces across Canada. White clusters of flat-topped flowers in spring, red fruit, maple-like leaves (3-lobed) emerge red, then dark green, then bright red in fall, This low maintenance bush has multiple branching woody stems that should only be pruned after flowering.

Uses: Highbush Cranberry is typically used as an accent, screen or ornamental, but may also be grown for its edible, somewhat sour, berries which make excellent preserves. It is a good choice for attracting birds which may rely on the fruit for late winter sustenance.

Notes: The highbush cranberry is a large and hardy deciduous shrub, tolerant of pollution and urban environments. Expect ruffed grouse, cedar waxwings, thrushes, robins, cardinals and grosbeaks to feed on its fruit and find shelter from the elements and hiding places from predators. Deer, moose, red squirrels and beaver may feed on other parts of the plant.

Highbush Cranberry can be propagated with the seeds. They require a cycle of warm, cold, then warm (two years) to germinate.. A woody cutting can be dipped it in rooting compound and then planted it in a light soil and left until growth occurs.

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