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Cottonwood, Eastern


Latin name: Populus deltoides
French name: Peuplier deltoïde
Synonym(s): Necklace Poplar
Common name: Eastern Cottonwood

Grows well along riverbanks and seasonal watercourses, but will also thrive under managed conditions (sufficient watering). It needs bare soil and full sun for successful germination and establishment.

Soil Types: Grows in a variety of soil types. Sunlight: Full or partial.

Spacing : 8 ft. Height: +150 ft. Spread: 20-40 ft.

Notes: Eastern Cottonwood is a large tree growing to 65–195 ft tall with a trunk diameter of up to 9 ft. It is one of the largest hardwood trees in Canada. The bark is silver-white, smooth or lightly fissured when young, then becoming dark (usually gray) and deeply fissured on older trees. It is a fast growing tree; sustained growth of 1.5-meters (5 ft) in height and 2.5-centimeter (1 in) in diameter per year for 25 years is common. Unlike similar species like trembling aspen, it does not propagate through clonal colonies, but will re-sprout quickly when cut down. Leaves of the Eastern Cottonwood contain sufficient protein to feed to livestock. As with many poplars, Eastern Cottonwood will hybridize with related species, making it difficult to identify in the wild.

Uses: Ornamentals, parks. Wood can be used for plywood, interior furniture wood, and medium-grade firewood. When wet the lumber can emit a strong odor, but when dry the odor is not noticeable.

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Bare Root, Planted, Potted


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