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Cherry, Black


Common Name: Black Cherry

Latin Name: Prunus serotina

French Name: Cerisier tardif

Soil Types: Prefers rich alluvial soil

Sunlight: Full sun, shade intolerant

Single row spacing: 4ft. Forest or staggered row spacing: 8ft

Height at maturity: 70 ft. Trunk diameter at maturity: 1.75ft

Notes: Blossoms are colourful. Wilted leaves poisonous to farm animals.

Uses: Valuable lumber, good for birds and other wildlife, slightly bitter but edible fruit.

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Bare Root, Planted, Potted


1-2 ft tall, 2-3 ft tall, 3-4 ft tall, 4-5 ft tall, 5-6 ft tall, 6-7 ft tall, 7-8 ft tall, 8-9 ft tall, 9-10 ft tall


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