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Beech, American


Common Name: American Beech

Latin Name: Fagus americana

French name: Hêtre à grandes feuilles

Soil Types: requires rich, moist, well drained soils

Sunlight: Highly shade tolerant

Single row spacing: 15 ft, forest or staggered row spacing: 15 ft

Height at maturity: 75 ft, trunk diameter at maturity: 3 ft

Notes: Similar to American Chestnut, the American Beech tree has a broad crown, smooth light-gray bark that gets darker with age. Leaves are oval, 8 to 14 cm long, pointy, serrated, dark green, lighter underside. Birds, mammals and humans may eat the triangular-shaped nuts. The tree can live up to 200 years but is currently under threat of  beech bark disease (combination of burrowing insect followed by fungus). Protect saplings from animal debarking with chicken-wire or tree-wrap until bark is toughened. Wood is heavy, strong and tough but not durable.

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